DCFC are introducing a 'demand-based' policy which will set matchday ticket prices for the coming season.

DCFC are introducing a 'demand-based' policy which will set matchday ticket prices for the coming season.

Derby County announced they would become the first Club in the country to offer ‘demand based’ pricing for match tickets at their home league fixtures from the start of the 2012-13 season.

Starting from this season, the Rams hope to be able to attract new supporters to games through more flexible pricing for home fans, while offering more options for existing fans to visit Pride Park Stadium. 

The prices of single matchday tickets from next season will now fluctuate dependant on a number of key factors. Ticket prices can change on a daily basis based on real-time market conditions such as team performance, rivalries, day of the week and the weather among other factors - reflecting the demand for tickets. This means that supporters who choose to purchase their individual tickets early will get the best possible pricing deal before any potential fluctuation in prices.

The move to demand pricing will offer greater flexibility and choice to supporters, and is part of the Rams’ commitment to continually improve their offering to fans and commercial partners alike.

With Demand Based Pricing will the price decrease at any time?

A: When fixtures go on sale, we guarantee that the starting prices will be the lowest price for a single match ticket. There is a possibility that the price of a ticket may go up and then drop down back to the starting price, however the price will never drop below the starting price.

Will there be a limit of how high prices of tickets can go? 


A: There will be no limit on how high prices can go


How often will prices increase?


A: Prices will be assessed on a daily basis, if a price is going to change it will change at midnight.


Will fans be notified of any price increases before they occur?


A: No notification will be given on a price increase; just the cost of any ticket could increase at midnight


How has a fan sitting in the same area paid less than I’ve paid?


A: There are many reasons why a fan sitting in the same may have paid less than someone else. Firstly they could be a season ticket holder, 12 or 6 game plan holder, these customers are guaranteed to have cheaper tickets than single match buyers. A single match buyer could have also brought significantly in advance to secure an early discount on a ticket.


How can I secure the cheapest price?


A: There are two ways to secure the cheapest price. Firstly, if you are likely to attend six home games or more, it is cheaper to take out one of our game plans than purchase single match tickets, our game plans a guaranteed to be cheaper than single match tickets. Secondly if you purchase a single match ticket the moment they go on sale to secure the starting price, we guarantee that other single match ticket holders will not be able to purchase a ticket cheaper than you have paid.


What benefit is there to buying early?


A: By buying early you are most likely to secure the cheapest tickets.


Will all concessions be applicable to price increases?


A: All adult, senior and young adult home league match tickets will be subject to price increases. Under 18 tickets will not increase.


Will prices in different areas increase at the same time?


A:Price changes are unique to fixtures and categories. For example for the Sheffield Wednesday fixture, the category AA seats may increase, however the category C seats may stay the same price.


Is there a limit of how much of a price increase there will be at one time?


A:There will be no limit on a price increase at any time.


Will there be a benefit to buying in person as opposed to online or by phone?


A: All tickets cost the same regardless of where you purchase them from. However by buying in person you avoid all booking fees (for Derby County fixtures only, other events may vary)


Will tickets be despatched immediately after booking?


A: Your tickets will be distributed within one working day of your order, subject to there being sufficient stock of your tickets available, otherwise they may be subject to delay.


Will tickets for disabled supporters increase?


A: Disabled supporters pay there relavent age band for a ticket and get a carer ticket free of charge, as a result Disabled tickets are subject to price increases.


If I buy a ticket in advance am I still entitled to a refund?


A: Yes you are still entitled to a refund as long as you return your ticket to the box office by close of business the day before the fixture.


Will I ever get a ticket cheaper than a season ticket holder has paid?


A: No, season ticket, 12 and 6 game plan holders are guaranteed to pay less for tickets than single match buyers.


How often will games go on sale?


A: The first twelve home league games of the season will go on sale in July, the remaining fixtures will go on sale in November


How will you notify fans of price increases?


A: Price will be available to view on the website at all times, regardless of price increases.


Whats the point of Demand Based Pricing?


A: The aim for demand based pricing is to make more tickets available for supporters at affordable prices, therefore increasing attendances and creating a better atmosphere within Pride Park Stadium. Demand based pricing also gives all seasonal and game plan customers guarantees that they have paid cheaper rates on match by match basis than single match buyers


Is there a limit of how many tickets I can buy?


A: There is no limit on how many tickets you can purchase in one transaction


Can I upgrade/downgrade my ticket at a later date?


A: You can upgrade or downgrade your ticket to a higher or lower category of the stadium at any point. An upgrade or downgrade is subject to the current demand based price, not the price you paid when you purchase tickets.


Will you be using Demand Based Pricing for cup and away fixtures?


A: No, demand based pricing is for home league fixtures only.


Will away supporters at Pride Park Stadium be subject to Demand Based Pricing?


A: No, our agreement with the football league is that away supporters at Pride Park will be allocated a set price for purchasing in advance of the game and an increase on the match day,


I’ve noticed the price in the North Stand never increases.


A: The price in the North Stand will never increase, this is so both home and away supporters pay the same price for a comparative view within the stadium. This is designed to create fairness and to stop away supporters being tempted to purchase tickets in the home end and the same for Derby County fans being tempted to purchase tickets in the away end.


If you have any more questions about demand based pricing please email them to [email protected] and we shall respond.