Sharing your car journey is a great way of getting to the Pride Park Stadium - and Derby County is keen to promote it as a way of travelling to the stadium.

Reasons include:

  • Sharing fuel and parking charges reduces the cost of travelling to matches.
  • More people arriving in fewer cars reduces demand for matchday parking spaces around Pride Park Stadium and limits post-match traffic congestion.
  • Travelling with 4 or more people is efficient use of your car, reducing emissions.

Sign up to in order to find potential car share partners from your area – who knows, you might live round the corner from a group of people who are willing to share the journey to the stadium! To encourage more car sharing, the club has taken the following steps to make it an even more attractive option for supporters travelling to Pride Park Stadium on matchdays:

  • In Car Park A and Car Park B we are offering a reduced parking charge of £6 (usually £8) for supporters arriving in cars containing 4 or more people (1 driver + 3 passengers). Spare spaces in these car parks are offered on a ‘first-come’ basis, with priority given to supporters that have paid for parking season tickets which guarantee them a space.
  • Car Park A and Car Park B will also benefit from enhanced Traffic Management at Islands 1, 2 and 4 on Pride Park, meaning people parking here should be able to enjoy both the shortest walk to the stadium. Please be aware that due to the post match traffic management system, supporters will be prevented from leaving Car Park A on the final whistle for a short period of time. This period of time will be dependent upon the size of the crowd on the day and the number of supporters leaving the area.

Please note that this is to allow for the safety of pedestrians leaving the stadium and making their way along Derwent parade towards the Wyvern Centre.