In June 2022, the EFL and British Red Cross embarked on a two-year charity partnership designed to help people facing issues associated with loneliness and isolation living in the EFL’s 72 communities across England and Wales.

Working with clubs and Club Community Organisations, the League and British Red Cross clubbed together to use the power of football to build connections and raise awareness of the detrimental effects loneliness can have on people’s lives.

As the partnership reaches a natural conclusion, the EFL has looked back at the highlights:

25 Club Connect events delivered to help connect people through EFL Community initiatives

These events brought people supported by the British Red Cross together with other like-minded local fans to enjoy the nation’s favourite game, with a view to signposting individuals on to relevant CCO programmes

Helping integrate over 330 local British Red Cross service beneficiaries – including refugees and asylum seekers - into their communities

Introducing people experiencing loneliness to Club community programmes in-turn helped to reduce feelings of isolation and encourage new lasting and connections

Raising over £400,000 through a variety of fundraising activities

Through generous donations from silent auctions, bucket shakes and more, the partnership has raised funds to aid those supported by the British Red Cross – both locally and globally

Launching the ‘Let's Club Together’ school activity pack has helped raise awareness of loneliness among young people

Together with the EFL Trust, a free resource pack was developed for young people, schools and youth groups, promoting positive experiences through kindness, encouraging social interaction and positive mental health and wellbeing.

Trevor Birch, Chief Executive of the EFL, said: “It’s been a privilege to work alongside the British Red Cross over the past two seasons, and play a part in addressing the issues of loneliness and isolation that affect more than 100,000 people each year.

“EFL clubs are the beating heart of their communities, and the success of this partnership is testament to the unique ability our network of clubs has in bringing people together through the universal language of football.

“While our official charity partnership comes to an end, the legacy of this great work will continue through the relationships built between our clubs and Club Community Organisations and their local British Red Cross teams.

“On behalf of everyone at the League, I’d like to thank the British Red Cross for this opportunity and look forward to continuing our work off the pitch to make a real difference to the lives of those people living in our 72 club communities.”

Béatrice Butsana-Sita, Chief Executive Officer of the British Red Cross said: “Just as football clubs anchor themselves in the heart of communities, so do Red Cross teams.

“Over the past two seasons, we’ve worked with the English Football League (EFL) and EFL Trust, weaving threads of compassion and resilience into the fabric of football to tackle loneliness. Together, we’ve helped to connect isolated members of our communities with support and friendship, using a shared love of football as a catalyst for change. We’ve also mobilised the collective passion of the football community to raise vital funds and awareness, ensuring that the British Red Cross can continue to be here for the hardest moments long into the future.

“As we reflect on our journey, we express heartfelt gratitude to the EFL for driving positive change. Although this chapter may be closing, we look forward to ensuring the synergies on a community level continue to flourish long after the final whistle. Let’s celebrate the memories, shared goals, and the lasting legacy we leave behind.”

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