Derby County wants an exciting atmosphere at all home games at Pride Park Stadium and encourages all fans to bring flags, banners and large ‘Surfing’ flags - but these must adhere to the guidelines set by the club in tandem with the stadium’s safety team.

a. The club reserves the right to refuse to allow flags, surfers or banners to be displayed particularly if content is considered to be offensive, discriminatory, defamatory or inflammatory.

b. Any item that the club or any of its employees believe could potentially be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety.

c. Any item above the area of 600mm x1000mm must be flame retardant and have a fire safety certificate to prove so, provided in advance of matchday.

d. The flag pole should be no bigger than 7mm in diameter and 1 meter in length. The flag pole material should ideally be plastic and rounded/covered at the end.

e. Flags should be presented to stewards prior to entry to the stadium where they will be inspected in accordance with this list and approved prior to entry.

f. The club reserves the right to confiscate any flags brought into Pride Park Stadium which were not approved by stewards prior to entry.

Should you have any further questions or would like to clarify an issue, please contact Derby County's Supporter Liaison Officer on [email protected].