It is with real concern that I have read about Derby County fans being advised to take out loans to cover the cost of their season tickets.

Can I stress, there are no complications surrounding the club’s inability to implement a direct debit scheme at the moment, it is simply a regulatory process that every business coming out of administration faces.

We have suggested to fans who are waiting for the direct debit option to become available to hold tight and look at match by match ticket purchases as an interim measure.

Ultimately, I cannot tell fans what to do but I would strongly urge people not to put themselves into debt to buy a season ticket.

We are working around the clock to be able to make a breakthrough in the process and will continue to provide transparent and timely updates regarding direct debits.

As a fan myself, I know what the club means to so many of you. But, in these tough financial times, I know it is not worth getting into debt over.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Saturday’s match against Leicester City.