Defender Sonny Bradley became the fifth signing of the summer for Derby County when he penned a two-year deal with the club on Friday evening.

The centre-back joins from Premier League newcomers Luton Town where he spent the last five seasons.

With three promotions already on his CV, Bradley hasn't hidden the fact that he's determined to make it four with the Rams.

The 31-year-old sat down with RamsTV to discuss why he felt Derby was the right move for the next chapter of his career.

On whether he's seen fans asking for his signature on social media...

I've seen a little bit. I've got friends at home that have been tagging me in things. From what I have seen, the majority has been positive so I feel like the fans want me here, I hope that's the case. I'm delighted to be here.

On what the process has been like this summer...

It's been strange because I haven't been a free agent for a while. I think it's natural when you're a free agent that you have more clubs interested in you and that has been the case.

For me it's an important contract because of the age and stage I'm at in my career so I did take my time with it. I've known for a good few weeks that Paul Warne was interested in me and sometimes contracts between agents and the club take a little bit of time but we're here now and I can't wait to get started.

On why Derby County is the right fit for him...

I just feel it's a really good fit for both myself and the club.

I've spoken to James Collins who I've played with quite a lot and I've also spoke to Callum Elder and Curtis Nelson. I'm well aware that the lads are great, I know that already.

I had the first meeting with Paul Warne at the training ground and I couldn't believe the facilities, it was amazing. We get to be there every day and that's massive for a player.

I've obviously been to the stadium and I know what that's like and what the fans can be like so ultimately that made my decision.

On his meetings with Paul Warne...

I feel like I've known him for a long time but the meeting at the training ground was the first time I'd met him properly. He's a character.

He reminds me a bit of Nathan Jones, my old boss at Luton Town, but I've only had the chance to sit down with him once and I look forward to building a relationship with him. I think it's important that the senior members of the squad do have a good relationship with him because ultimately it's the senior members of the squad that echo his thoughts and ideas to the rest of the squad.

On his leadership qualities...

I had an injury last season where I was out for a few months at Luton but just because you're injured and not in the team, it doesn't mean you can't be a leader or not be a good presence in the dressing room and I was that and I was that for many years.

The leaders in the dressing room certainly helped us get over the line at Luton and even when you're not playing, if you can make that 1% difference then you should do it and hopefully that played a bit of a part in them getting promoted.

On what it takes to earn promotion...

It takes a lot. Firstly it takes a good dressing room and you have to be working in a good environment and you have to be honest with each other. Negativity can spread quickly so it's important you don't have that.

Then it's just the case of listening to the boss throughout the week and sometimes it's the job of the senior players to get messages across and get through tough times.

I'm well aware that this league has got better, physically and technically but for me promotions are won when you go away from home on a Tuesday night in January and you have to dig in and win 1-0 and I feel like I'm the type of character that enjoys those games. I've said it in the past but I think 1-0 away from home is the best result in football.

I'm sure there will be times where we're on top and can dominate games but the more important fixtures for me are the difficult games where the weather may not be great and you can't implement your style of football but you find a way to win.

On what supporters can expect from him...

They'll get complete honesty. I like to think I'm a leader in tough times. I'll be there from start to finish.

For me, I want them to picture me hopefully lifting a trophy at the end of the season. That's the reason I'm here, I'm not here to mess about. I don't want to be in this league next season. That's quite bold of me saying it but I don't mind saying it, I've made my intentions clear to the manager and I back myself to be a Championship centre-back. I believe in my ability and that's not me being arrogant I'm just confident in my ability.

My mentality is, if I want to be a Championship centre-back again there's only one way of doing it and that's gaining promotion. It's my ambition and it's the club's ambition.

On the trip to Spain on Sunday with the squad...

I can't wait. I've been training on my own for a while so I can't wait to get around the boys and start my journey of earning respect from the boys.

Just because I've been in the Championship for the last few seasons, I have no right to have respect off anyone, I've got to earn it and that's by what I do in training and what I do on a matchday.

It will be a good time and good chance for the other boys to bond with the rest of the team and hopefully we'll come back fitter and stronger and then we'll get into the real stuff.