Derby County welcome and encourage supporters from all backgrounds to put their names forward to be considered for a position as an Independent Director on the new Supporters’ Board.

The club announced that a Supporters’ Board will be launched which will allow supporters to discuss matters of importance directly with the Derby County board. The Supporters’ Board will work in parallel with the existing Supporters’ Charter Group with both chambers reporting to each other.

The Supporters’ Board will be made up of up to three representatives from the Supporters’ Charter Group, as outlined in the Proposal for Derby County Football Club Supporters’ Board plus a minimum of three independent roles.

The independent director roles will be filled following an application process with the responsibilities detailed here:

- To represent the views of the group and wider fan base while balancing these against financial and practical realities.

- To provide a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences to the Supporters’ Board.

- To provide leadership and help to set the overall strategic direction of the Supporters’ Board.

- To take and accept collective and collegiate responsibility for all decisions made by the Supporters’ Board meaning no individual will speak against majority decisions taken by the board.

- To always be mindful of the responsibility to maintain and develop then ethos and values of the Supporters’ Board.

- To accept that no individual has the legal authority to act on behalf of the Supporters’ Board.

- To acknowledge the role of a Supporters’ Board member involves the commitment to a significant amount of time and energy.

- To strive to work as a team in which constructive working relationships are actively promoted.

At this stage, all applications will be considered and reviewed. A shortlist will be selected and passed to a panel comprising of a club representative, an independent representative from the Football Supporters’ Association and a further panel member who will be independent of the club.

Independent directors will hold the role for two years and for a maximum of two terms. Directors from the Supporters’ Charter Group will hold the role for three years, again for a maximum two terms.

The closing date for application is Monday 1st April 2024 at 12-noon. Successful applicants will be contacted shortly after to arrange interviews.

If you are interested, please make sure you are willing to give up your time to be part of the meetings and discussions. There will be a minimum of three Board meetings per season. All applicants must be over the age of 18.

To apply, CLICK HERE. A covering letter outlining your skill sets and reasons for applying are required but there is no necessity to attach a CV.

Before applying, please read the full proposal for the Supporters’ Board HERE and the Code of Conduct HERE.