Derby County Football Club operates a ticketing policy that recognises that disabled supporters may need assistance to fully enjoy the match day experience and offers a variety of reasonable adjustments based on individual supporters needs, not their ‘disability’.

By completing a simple application form along with submitting the appropriate supporting documentation, we can plan to meet your needs during your visit to Pride Park Stadium and that accessible facilities and services are only used by the supporters that need them.

Each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A Reasonable Adjustment Application Form can be downloaded here. If you require assistance with filling out your form, then please contact our Disabled Liaison Officer. Alternatively, you can request a form over the counter or by calling 01332 667528.

As well as providing auxiliary services, where a disabled supporter would find it unreasonably difficult or impossible to access the stadium or services offered, Derby County Football Club will allow the disabled supporter to bring a Personal Assistant (PA) / Essential Companion free of charge. It is important to understand that the PA / Essential Companion ticket is not a concessionary ticket or ‘2-for-1’ deal but is actually a reasonable adjustment made by the Club to enable a Disabled Supporter to more easily access the full range of match day and event services (in consideration of UK legislation as described in the Equality Act 2010).

Personal Assistants & Essential Companions

At Derby County Football Club, we take our responsibilities toward disabled supporters very seriously. We recognise that for some of our supporters to take advantage of all that we have to offer they may need support from another person. As such, it is our policy that where this is the case we make available free tickets which will enable a disabled supporter to bring a Personal Assistant/Essential Companion with them to support them with their needs.

The only criteria we have for offering a free Personal Assistant/ Essential Companion ticket is that you have to have another person with you to get the same quality of service as a non-disabled person for a reason related to your own impairment. This does not apply to short term conditions like broken legs.

Please note that PA/ Essential Companion tickets on their own are not entitled to any benefits normally associated with a Season Ticket, this includes any renewal benefit or the purchase of match tickets during priority sale periods.

Requesting a Personal Assistant/Essential Companion Ticket

Since this scheme is potentially subject to fraudulent misuse, we have to operate a system to check eligibility for a complimentary ticket. To apply, Reasonable Adjustment Application Form will need to be filled in and you will also be required to submit appropriate supporting documentation to our Disabled Liaison Officer ("DLO").

Please find below a list of supporting documentation that we might take into consideration when considering whether to allocate a complimentary ticket:

  • Receipt of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement (or government standard equivalent).
  • Receipt of Personal Independence Payments (PIP)
  • Receipt of either the Severe Disablement Allowance or Attendance Allowance.
  • War Pensioners' Mobility Allowance or War or Service Disablement Pension for 80% or more disability.
  • Blind or partially sighted registration certificate (BD8 or CVI Certificate) or evidence from an eye specialist, for example an optometrist, that the individual would qualify to be registered as severely sight impaired (blind) or sight impaired (partially sighted). Further advice can be found on the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) website.
  • A personal letter from the GP, community nurse or social worker that the individual has a long-term impairment or ‘disability' and requires assistance.
  • Confirmation in writing from Social Services that the individual is included on their Deaf Register, or a letter or report from an aural specialist confirming that hearing loss has been recorded at 70 – 95 dBHL or worse.

Derby County Football Club also accepts The Access Card as evidence, and all supporters requesting a PA/Essential Companion ticket with the +1 symbol on their card will receive one without the need for any further information or evidence.

Please note this list is not exhaustive and consideration will be given to any other evidence that can be provided. For guidance, the club advises supporters to refer to the Level Playing Fields website.

The club reserves the right to seek additional proof of disability where there is an element of reasonable doubt as to the need for a personal assistant.

The Role of a Personal Assistant/Essential Companion

By accepting the complimentary ticket given, your companion accepts responsibility for providing you with the support you need to attend the match. This includes being able to provide you with additional assistance during the course of an emergency evacuation.

The stewards at the match are unable to provide assistance in excess of their typical role and general reasonable adjustments, so it’s important that, if you need help moving around, your PA/Essential Companion is ready and willing to support you with this.

Young Carers

It is the policy of Pride Park Stadium's Ground Regulations that all children under the age of 14 are accompanied by an appropriate adult aged 18 or over. We accept that young carers are a much valued and needed source of support, but we are only able to accept them under the free PA/Essential Companion ticket scheme where there is no risk of them being left unattended.

If your need for a PA/Essential Companion is something related to a potential deterioration in your condition then a companion ticket may not be authorised for anyone under the age of 14.

If you attend a match with a PA/Essential Companion under the age of 14 or if there is doubt in the absence of valid photo ID we reserve the right to refuse admission. This does not apply where there are other adults in the party able to accept responsibility for the young carer.

Contingency - What happens if you lose your support?

It is important that you and your PA/Essential Companion are aware of what happens if for some reason you lose your support. If it is felt that your PA/Essential Companion is not providing you with the support, you need we reserve the right to eject them from the facility at any time and refuse access under the companion scheme for future matches.

We will endeavour to support you with the rest of your visit if this is the case but if we are unable to make appropriate reasonable adjustments to do this and it jeopardises your, or other supporters, health or safety we may be left with no other option than ask you to leave also. It is especially important that you choose the right support to come with you.

Abusing the System

If we feel that either the Disabled Supporter or their PA/Essential Companion are abusing the system, we reserve the right to treat the matter as Fraud and look at bringing legal action. Every accessible space taken up by somebody that doesn’t need it represents a Disabled Supporter missing out.

It should also be noted that when entering the stadium, the PA/Essential Companion must enter at the same time as the Disabled Supporter. Although a Disabled Supporter can enter the stadium on their own, the PA/Essential Companion will not be admitted without being in the presence of the Disabled Supporter and otherwise would need to upgrade their ticket.

PA/Essential Companion tickets are transferable; however, tickets for the Disabled Supporter are not. Should any supporter or PA/Essential Companion be found to be abusing this or any of the Disabled Supporters Ticketing Policy the club reserves the right to deny admittance or to take further action.

For more information regarding ‘upgrading’ your PA/essential companion ticket (if required) or for any other enquiry please contact the Ticket Office, presented by SeatGeek, on 01332 667528 *

Season Tickets & Matchday Tickets

Disabled supporters can purchase a season or a match day ticket (subject to availability) at the appropriate age band price, which includes a complimentary ticket, if required, for their PA /essential companion (subject to qualification); see ‘Requesting a free Personal Assistant/Essential Companion ticket above for guidance on this process

Disabled Supporters whom are wishing to purchase their tickets can either do so in person at the Derby County Ticket Office presented by SeatGeek, or over the phone on 01332 667528 during our opening hours which can be found here.

The Ticket Office does have a low-level service counter counter for wheelchair users and people of shorter stature.

Ambulant Supporters

Disabled supporters not requiring wheelchair access can sit anywhere in the ground with their PA/Essential Companion (subject to qualification), providing they can access the area safely. They are also subject to the relevant price of the seating category of the area they choose to sit in. Requirements should be stipulated at the time of purchasing a ticket to ensure appropriate seating is provided.

Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users are accommodated on the front row of all four stands at Pride Park Stadium, which allow the PA/ Essential Companion to sit alongside them. We also have elevated platforms located in the North-East Corner, South and West Stand for Home Supporters and one in the South- East Corner for Away Supporters.

All areas in which wheelchair users are located offer good lines of sight.

Please note that we only have a limited number of spaces available for wheelchair users and allocation is subject to availability

Temporary Mobility Restrictions

Supporters suffering from temporary mobility restrictions (e.g. broken leg) that may affect access to the stadium or seating areas, should contact the Ticket Office either in person or over the phone on 01332 667528 prior to the fixture to arrange alternative seating.

Blind/Partially Sighted Supporters & Deaf/Hard of Hearing Supporters

An Induction Loop System is available in certain parts of the stadium and complimentary headsets can be provided and used in all areas of the stadium, to enable supporters to listen to the match commentary provided by BBC Radio Derby. Please contact the Disabled Liaison Officer for more information.

Assistance Dogs

Any supporter wishing to attend the stadium with an assistance dog needs to contact the Disabled Liaison Officer, so that we can ensure the appropriate match tickets (subject to availability) are allocated and adequate arrangements have been made prior to the fixture.

Accessible Toilets

Please note, we have accessible toilets located in all parts of the Stadium and these are clearly signed. Should you require assistance, please seek advice from the nearest Steward. All accessible toilets operate using the National Radar Key system. We would advise you to bring your 'Radar' access key with you.

Car Parking

Please be aware that to park in any of our car parks on matchdays you must have a valid car parking ticket. This will either be a seasonal car parking pass or a car parking match ticket, and these must be purchased in advance of the fixture, as we are unable to guarantee a ‘Pay on the Day' service.

Seasonal Car Parking - Sold out for the 2018/19 season

We currently have an extremely high demand for seasonal accessible parking bays and standard width car parking spaces and therefore have implemented a waiting list for disabled supporters that require one. Please contact the Ticket Office for further information and assistance on 01332667528.

Match by Match Car Parking - (Subject to availability)

Accessible Car Parking - Derby County offer accessible car parking on both the West and East sides of the stadium to supporters that are Blue Badge holders, on a match by match basis and these spaces are located within a few yards of their respective stand. Spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis and can be booked by contacting the Ticket Office on 01332 667528.

Car Park A - The Club has a dedicated car parking area (standard width spaces) within Car Park A (lower level) for ‘Home’ Blue Badge Holder supporters and on selected fixtures the Club will offer a ‘Pay on the Day’ service to park here. These spaces are located directly behind the South Stand, which is approximately 100 yards away from the stadium. Parking in the lower level of Car Park A is not guaranteed and you may be asked to park in the upper level of this Car Park, which is approximately 200-300 yards away from the stadium. However, we do operate a free shuttle service using buggies to transfer supporters who need extra help from both levels of Car Park A to the stadium. The service runs up to kick-off and resumes after the final whistle, although Supporters should note that due to congestion, the shuttle may suspend operation for a short period for the safety of all our supporters.

Car Park A is situated just off ‘Island 1’ on Pride Park, at the bottom of the East Stand at Pride Park Stadium. There is a pathway from the car park which leads to the West Stand and also towards the DCFCMEGASTORE along the East Stand, allowing easy access to the stadium and is better suited for anyone arriving or wishing to leave via the A52 after the match and you should also be aware that due to the pre-match traffic management system, access to this car park will only be possible from the A52 up until the last 40 minutes before kick-off and supporters using this car park will be held after the final whistle for up to approximately 20 minutes; this is to allow safe departure of the large number of supporters needing to leave the stadium vicinity after the match.

Car Park B - This car park would be the best option for those who wish to head towards Alvaston, A6 and the A50. However, this car park is approximately 300-400 yards away from the stadium and Derby County Football Club are unable to provide a ‘buggy’ service to and from this car park.

Any supporter that has a temporary mobility restriction should contact the Disabled Liaison Officer directly on 01332821044 if they require a parking space, as a pass is needed to access the above car parks (subject to availability).

For more information on seasonal or match by match parking please contact the Ticket Office on 01332 667528.

Car Parking - Away Disabled Supporters

The Club has a dedicated car parking area for away disabled supporters (Blue Badge Holders only) and this area of parking is located within 100 yards of the away seating area (South East Corner).

Spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and must be booked no later than 24 hours before the match. Spaces in this car park are charged at £5 per car, per fixture. Please be aware that you will be asked to show and display your Blue Badge upon arrival at the Stadium. Please contact the Ticket Office on 01332 667528 to book your space.

Catering Facilities

We have catering facilities in all parts of the stadium. Currently, all our serving counters that are within the concourse areas are high level counters. The Club makes reasonable adjustments to enable disabled supporters to access the catering facilities by instructing one of our dedicated stewards to monitor the areas in which wheelchair users are located to ascertain whether any additional help is required.

Steward Training

After an initial induction, all stewards are registered for the City and Guilds NVQ Level 2 in Spectators safety. This qualification includes a module on disability awareness. The Safety Officer keeps a record of progress by stewards and the qualification is delivered by Derby College.

Contact Information

Disabled Liaison Officer: Emma Drury

Telephone: 01332 821044
Email: [email protected]