Manager Frank Lampard has provided an update on the injuries sustained to defender Craig Forsyth and forward Mason Bennett during last Saturday’s home game against Aston Villa.

It was revealed earlier this week that Forsyth had suffered anterior cruciate ligament damage to his left knee, whilst Bennett sustained a significant hamstring injury.

Both players were forced off in the second half of the clash against Villa and Lampard started by giving an update on their situations.

“Mason Bennett has a severe hamstring injury so he’s off to see a specialist early next week to discuss the ways through it,” Lampard told RamsTV.

"We are expecting three to four months, around that area, but we will get closer to the mark with that once we get the consultant’s word.

“The good news for Mason is that he’s been in this position before in terms of how he approaches it mentally and in terms of the rehabilitation. He has a great team around him with our medical staff but that’s where we are with Mason.I might be wrong with the timings but let’s hope I’m wrong in a good way.

"With Craig Forsyth, it’s an ACL injury to his left knee. We know Craig’s history here and he’s had two previous injuries on his other knee playing for Derby and that’s why it is frustrating for him.

“He’s played well, he’s such a fit lad and his recovery will be longer than Mason Bennett’s recovery. He will miss a big part of the season, for sure, but I don’t want to go into it more than that. It’s up to him now to work through that.”

Bennett limped off on 51 minutes of last weekend's game, whilst Forsyth sustained his injury following Villa’s second goal.

Both players are set for sustained periods on the sidelines and Lampard spoke about their current mental states after suffering setbacks.

“They are okay and it is a difficult time for both of them,” Lampard said.

"“They are professional footballers with professional attitudes and they want to play and the news they picked up was that it was a severe and it was upsetting for them, for me, and all of us at the club.

“They are all well liked and part of the furniture but they are okay in themselves at the minute. I think the news has now sunk in and they have huge amounts of support both at the club and at home and we will get through it. It’s not easy for them to hear that but they will get through it.

“This is life. It’s a footballer’s life but it happens in all walks of life. You get hit sometimes in a bad way, and they’ve been hit before, and there is a huge element of misfortune for them. Mason Bennett is the fittest he’s been in his career and he felt that he was contributing to the team.

“Craig Forsyth was playing so well and I relied on them both. I will rely on them going forward but they must rely on us to get the support that they need. I’ve a lot of good lads in the squad but both are really good lads who are hard working which puts them in good stead for their rehabilitation work.”