Looking to purchase a RamsTV subscription but have a few questions?

Frank's First Five! RamsTV will be streaming the below pre-season fixtures live! Please click here to purchase.

  • Notts County Vs Derby County - 14/07/18
  • Mansfield Vs Derby County - 18/07/18
  • Derby County Vs Southampton - 21/07/18
  • Coventry City Vs Derby County - 25/07/18
  • Derby County Vs Wolverhampton Wanderers - 28/07/18

Please note! BBC Radio Derby will not be providing commentary for the pre-season fixtures, as such there will be no live audio coverage.

Existing overseas RamsTV video package subscribers will be able to watch all the pre-season games using their current subscription.

Due to the EFL's Broadcasting Rights, the following fixtures will only be available via a live stream in select countries. For more information please click here:

  • Friday 3rd August 2018 - Reading vs Derby County
  • Saturday 11th August 2018 - Derby County vs Leeds United
  • Tuesday 14th August 2018 - Oldham Athletic vs Derby County (*Please note as this is a Carabao Cup Fixture there will be no live video stream available, Audio only*)
  • Saturday 8th August 2018 - Millwall vs Derby County

Please note, these fixtures are subject to change. For information on when televised fixtures will be announced, please click here.

We hope that the below might be able to help you!

Browser and device restrictions

Please note, due to the EFL broadcasting rights, you will not be able to watch RamsTV through a television, other than using a HDMI Cable. All other means are strictly forbidden under this ruling. This includes any airplay devices such as AppleTV and Chromecast.

Unfortunately, due to an upgrade to the browser Microsoft Edge, the live stream may not be supported by this browser. We advise that Google Chrome is used as a preferred browser when live streaming games.

I'm experiencing issues with the live streaming and audio, what can I do?

If you are experiencing issues with the live stream or audio commentary, please perform a hard refresh of your browser. On laptops or desktops, this can be done by pressing 'Ctrl' and 'F5' simultaneously on your keyboard. If using an Apple Mac, please press the '⌘ Cmd', '⇧ Shift' and 'R' keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

If you are attempting to watch the live stream from abroad, please ensure you are not connected to a work network or similar that would allow access to a network within the UK, which may change your location.

For the best support with the live stream and audio commentary, the recommended browser is Google Chrome across all devices. Live streaming may not be supported on some versions of Internet Explorer.

For help downloading Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop, our Website Support Team have made a handy guide that is available to download here.

For help downloading Google Chrome on an Apple desktop or laptop, a guide is available to download here.

If you are using a mobile device, please download our official Derby County RamsTV App, available from the Apple App Storeor the Google Play Store to watch or listen to live coverage.

If I’m going abroad and want to purchase a live stream game, can I do so before I leave or does this have to be done once I’m abroad?

Supporters who are travelling abroad during the 2018/19 season and wish to purchase the live stream pay-per-view package will only be able to do so once they are outside of the UK & Ireland. The option to buy this package will remain unavailable until supporters are outside of the UK & Ireland.

I’ve purchased an annual live stream package, can I still access the live games if I’m in the UK?

If an annual live stream package has been purchased, the stream will recognise whereabouts the supporter is based, so anyone that made a purchase outside of the UK and made a visit during the season will have their stream blocked for the period that they are within the country.

What territories are the live stream packages not available in?

The live stream packages are not available for purchase in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland, this includes the following territories:

* United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (including Wales, Scotland and England)

* Republic of Ireland

* Isle of Wight

* Isle of Man

* The Channel Islands (including Jersey and Guernsey)

I’ve purchased a live stream package, what can I do for games that are televised?

For all televised fixtures, supporters who have purchased this package and are not in one of the select countries you can view from, will still be able to listen to the live audio commentary as part of their package instead.

If I purchase a monthly package and choose to cancel it after 3 months, can I then repurchase this package at a later date in the season?

The monthly packages automatically renew every month, however supporters can cancel and re-purchase at any time they wish. You are not limited to only one monthly package per season.

What first-team games are available to watch live on RamsTV?

Sky Bet Championship matches are available to watch on RamsTV, providing they are not already televised fixtures. Carabao Cup and Emirates FA Cup matches are not available to watch via a live stream on RamsTV, however live audio commentary is available.

Can I change the card used to pay for my subscription package?

Supporters can change the card used to pay on at any time. If you wish to do this, please follow top right arrow next to your name, then select 'Your Account' and then under where your Fan ID is located you'll see 'Stream Account', where you will be able to manage your subscriptions from there.

Will the live audio commentary be provided by Derby County or will this be BBC Radio Derby commentary?

Derby County will continue to have live audio commentary provided by BBC Radio Derby.

Will you be introducing a live stream package for supporters in the UK or Republic of Ireland?

Unfortunately, live video streaming will not be available in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. This is due to the EFL's existing broadcast agreement with Sky Sports. Under this agreement we are unable to offer fans in the UK or Republic of Ireland the same access to RamsTV as international fans.

I’ve purchased an International live stream package, am I able to watch the fixtures through my TV?

Due to the EFL broadcasting rights, you will not be able to watch RamsTV through a television, other than using a HDMI Cable. All other means are strictly forbidden under this ruling.

I have a RamsPlayerHD Subscription that is yet to expire, is this carried over onto the new RamsTV Subscription?

The previous RamsPlayerHD subscriptions were not provided by Derby County, these were provided by the EFL and are therefore not carried over to the new RamsTV service.If you would like to know about any refund you are entitled to for your RamsPlayerHD subscription, or to cancel this subscription, please contact the EFL either via an email to [email protected] or by telephone on 01772 325800.

If you have a question that has not been answered on this page then please contact [email protected]and a member of the team will reply as soon as possible.

Please note, due to the technical nature of some of the website queries, we cannot accept telephone calls to discuss these. All website queries must be emailed to the email address stated above, and we cannot guarantee a response if we are contacted other than through this email address.