If you're purchasing a RamsTV subscription, please note the following terms & conditions.

1. The Use of RamsTV

1.1 Each supporter is solely resident in the correct territory for the chosen subscription package. Any changes to the territory in which the supporter is located may affect availability of certain content, particularly the live video content.

1.1.2 The use of location-blocking software such as VPNs, or changing an IP address to view the website from a different country is strictly forbidden. Derby County reserves the right to suspend the account of any supporter that we believe to be using one of the previously stated means of location-altering without a refund.

1.2 The disclosure of password and Fan ID is not permitted and the right to use RamsTV is personal and limited to viewing on one device at any time.

1.3 For match footage shown on a live basis (available in certain geographical territories only) not all club matches will be available for viewing on a ‘live’ basis. This is due to, among other things, restrictions with television broadcasting. In these instances, we will allow access to the live audio commentary.

1.4 The use of RamsTV is prohibited for any other reasons than private or domestic purposes. The subscriber cannot forward, record, copy, reproduce, store, transfer, modify, post, distribute or publish any of the content of RamsTV without prior written permission. Derby County reserves the right to suspend the account of any supporter in breach of this without a refund.

1.5 Unless stated otherwise, your subscription is for the subscription period and will be automatically renewed at the end of the previous subscription period for a further equivalent period. Refunds cannot be issued for users who forget to cancel.

1.6 We can suspend an account if payment is not made for automatically renewing subscriptions.

1.7 By purchasing your subscription, you have chosen to receive your subscription benefits immediately. You will not, therefore, be entitled to cancel the contract during the any fourteen day ‘cooling off’ period in law, nor receive a refund of the fee paid. This does not affect any other rights you may have at law, including where we are at fault.

1.8 Refunds can only be issued for those who have reported a technical issue during the game and it proves to be a fault of our providers and cannot be rectified. Please note, that if you do not watch a stream through choice, or don’t report a technical issue to customer service during the game, we will not be able to issue a refund.