Derby County Community Trust hosted a Learning Festival at Willows Sports Centre on Thursday afternoon - and had two special guests to help out the pupils from Meadow Farm, Reigate Park and Chellaston Junior School.

Pupils from the schools were taking part in three different activities to support learning through sport with a fiction and non-fiction relay, matchday maths questions and a pulse-monitoring science experiment.

Derby duo Florian Jozefzoon and Max Lowe were in attendance alongside the three schools, helping them to distinguish different book types and lead pulse-raising activities to check how heartrate changes in line with exercise.

The activities are all a part of the Premier League Primary Stars programme that the Schools and Coaching department at Derby County Community Trust deliver in order to help pupils who may not engage in traditional education methods but respond well to sport - from reluctant readers who love football to those who find maths easier to visualise in the form of football shirts.

Lauren Slater, who oversees the Primary Start programme at the Community Trust, said: “It’s great to have the players at events where they get involved with activities that help pupils and go far beyond football.

“When children are engaged by football and sport it means so much to them to get to meet their idols.”

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