Max Lowe has stressed the importance of remaining in a positive frame of mind whilst adapting to a new way of living during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has provided a drastic change in everyone’s way of life as the battle to control the spread of the virus continues.

Strict new curbs on life in the United Kingdom to tackle the spread of the virus were announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last month.

People may only leave home to exercise once a day, travel to and from work when it is absolutely necessary, shop for essential items and fulfil any medical or care needs.

The football season across most countries in the world has come to a halt and the football authorities have collectively agreed that the professional game in England will not resume until it is safe to resume.

For the time being, Derby County’s players have had to keep themselves in shape at home and following exercise programmes to ensure they are primed and ready to go for when the time comes that football can be played again.

Lowe, 22, says he has adopted a positive mindset to try and make the best of what is a challenging situation across the country and worldwide.

When the time comes that Derby’s players can return to training, Lowe is in little doubt the squad will be in good condition.

Speaking to RamsTV over Zoom earlier this week as part of Derby’s ‘Stay Fit. Stay Safe. Stay Connected.’ initiative, Lowe said: “I’m trying to stay positive right now because I think this period will go quicker by being in that mindset.

“I’m trying to stay fit, as we all are, but there’s only so much running you can do to a degree as you don’t get that same buzz as when you are playing football.

“We’ve all been given a programme with different runs and also some weights exercises for upper and lower body stuff.

“The club keep in touch with us throughout the week and the runs are pretty tough so when we do return, I think we’ll be pretty fit for when we do return to the season.”

He added: “We’re all keeping in touch too through our WhatsApp group, which is non-stop, and I spoke to Kelle Roos on FaceTime this week.

“There’s other lads I talk to as well, like Duane Holmes, and we’ve been doing some Quiz Nights as well. I think we are all missing the football environment because it’s a fantastic place to be and we can’t wait to be back there once it’s safe to do so.”

Lowe has applauded NHS staff members for their work as they battle against the virus and provide the best possible care for those that have been taken ill.

The defender’s girlfriend, Kelci, works at the Royal Derby Hospital as a secretary and that has provided him with an insight into the current situation.

Earlier this week Lowe obtained and provided packages of various items from chocolate to nail-clippers to be distributed around the wards, to patients and nurses.

The Academy graduate was keen to play his part in the local community, as well as working with the club in their community commitments.

“Kelci isn’t dealing with the frontline of things there but speaking to people when they phone up with problems or wanting guidance around the hospital,” he explained.

“She is very hands-on with that, so she sees a lot of what goes on right now, especially during this difficult time.

“It is a bit more intense for her right now and the hours are longer, but she’s committed to make a difference in a positive way and help people.”

He added: “I probably didn’t appreciate what she did until this virus came, which is quite bad to be fair, but I have to say I really do think everyone at the NHS is doing a wonderful job and they are the real heroes.

“Once we beat the virus, I think it still needs to be recognised how much they are doing for us.”