Derby County’s new monthly magazine The Rampage is set to launch this Thursday and is packed full of exclusive interviews and club-centric content.

To give you a flavour of what to expect in the upcoming first edition of the magazine, we are releasing an extract to whet the appetite ahead of its official release.

In an in-depth interview, spanning nine pages, Rams defender Craig Forsyth candidly relived his most devastating memories of dealing with three career-threatening knee injuries and the tough battles he faced behind the scenes to remarkably make his comeback each time.

Here is an extract from the piece you can read exclusively in The Rampage.


It is a tough listen. Not many people speak so openly when asked awkward questions they do not wish to answer. Some shy away and hide behind clichéd responses, offering nothing but a soundbite, but not Forsyth. This is years of pain and suffering all being let out, not because he has been asked to, but because it’s real life. It’s real pain.

The torture is evident on his face.

“I’ve never talked and opened up about it,” he expresses, fighting back the tears. “Thinking back to the way I was during it, when it happens and the difficult conversations that you have.

“A lot of things are about mental toughness. If you get your head right and approach it the right way, then that’s a big part of how you deal with it.”

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