The December edition of the Rampage is available now and is jam-packed full of exclusive interviews and club-centric content.

In the fourth edition of the 2020/21 season, our monthly publication pays tribute to Jim Smith, one year on from his passing, looking back over his memorable years in charge of the Rams and we hear from some of his former players.

In an interview spanning nine pages, we also speak to 103-year-old Derek Eley, or Mr. Derby County, as he is also fondly known. Football’s oldest fan tells tales of his time supporting the club for almost a century.

RamsTV presenter, Owen Bradley also pits Derby County past and present players against each other in the Rams World Cup, we speak to the people behind the incredible fundraising efforts to honour the life of Reg Harrison with a bronze busk and lots, lots more!

Some of Derby County’s international players spoke about how they adjusted to life in a new country including the struggle of learning a new language, setting up a new life and even the difference in baked beans!

Here is an extract from that piece:


“See, he’s warming up, he’s getting better!” joked Bielik at one point. But it is clearly a huge part of living in a new country, and Jozwiak is eager to learn through conversations and his lessons through the club.

“I try to speak, for example with Wis [Andre Wisdom] because he sits close to me and to Clarkey [Matt Clarke],” Jozwiak said. “When I speak with Wis it is ok, but if it is two guys and they speak English, it is too fast and sometimes it is difficult for me. It is ok, everyone in the club is helpful. Sometimes I show the guys in the locker room my exercises with my English teacher and they say: ‘that’s difficult for us!’”

For Roos, he has now lived here for almost a decade and other than a slight accent he is almost fluent in English. It makes it shocking to learn that English was his worst subject at school in Holland.

“You learn English as a kid in Holland to a very high level, but it was by far my worst subject,” he said. “In every class I was in, I was the worst at English. I learned my English from friends, dressing rooms and being around football really.”

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