The February edition of The Rampage is OUT NOW and is packed full of exclusive interviews and club-centric content.

The latest edition of the bumper 100-page magazine features a nine-page interview with the Rams’ new manager, Wayne Rooney to look back on his outstanding career as he hung up his boots last month to take on the role and to look to the future as he leads the Rams. We also hear tributes to England’s record scorer from famous faces in the footballing world.

The Rampage looks behind the scenes at the Derby County Academy and how it has developed to become one of the best in the country in the last decade. RamsTV presenter Owen Bradley chats to other media professionals to get an inside look at covering Derby County while former Academy graduate Mark O’Brien discusses defying to odds to play ten years of professional football, despite having a life-saving heart operation just months after making his Rams debut as a 16-year-old.

Curtis Davies also penned an article, giving us an update on his recovery from a serious injury he sustained in December. Here is an extract from that five-page piece which you can read exclusively in The Rampage.


As many will know, Christmases at home as a footballer are few and far between. You usually have to tally up five yellow cards at the right time to get it off - I’ve known it to be done - but for me it was bittersweet. Being able to spend the whole of Christmas and new year with my wife and daughters was truly a blessing, but first and foremost not being able to play and try to help the team over the hectic schedule was tough to take. Secondly, being unable to be take part in a lot of the family activities became frustrating. I felt like I was restricting any outdoor activities they would’ve been doing. Because of this, I felt it would be a good idea to get myself a mobility scooter. That way, my girls could go out on their own scooters and we could go to a park nearby. Having played for three sides in the Birmingham area, a lot of people were getting whiplash trying to work out whether it was me or not as I crawled along the road at a top speed of 6mph.

There was a funny incident which I uploaded on to my social media. My daughter’s ride along car which she got for Christmas ran out of power on the way home from the park. As it weighed 30kg, it wasn’t possible for my wife to pull it along but, fortunately for her, my mobility scooter was able to double up as a tow truck - so I had the joy of pulling it along for half-a-kilometre. When I got onto my drive it turned out the car must have had a glitch as it worked absolutely fine.

Although I enjoyed my time at home, I was chomping at the bit to get back to work and get my rehabilitation started. There are only so many episodes of Paw Patrol a man can watch. Unfortunately, my return was delayed a week following an outbreak of COVID-19 in the camp and causing the training ground to shut, but I did make my return to Moor Farm on 12th January.

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