At Friday's Annual General Meeting (AGM), EFL Clubs approved a number of regulation changes that will come into effect immediately.

These include:


For League matches during the 2021/22 season, Clubs were able to field three substitutes from seven nominated. For all League fixtures going forward, Clubs will be allowed to name up to seven substitutes on their team sheet with no more than five being able to take part in the match. Each Club is only permitted a maximum of three opportunities to make substitutions during the fixture and a Club may make more than the one substitution at each of its three opportunities. Clubs may make substitutions at half time and any substitutions made during this break will not count towards the maximum of three opportunities.

Colour blindness kit clashes

A Home Club will now be able to wear its ‘away’ or third kit where a clash may occur that would make it difficult for people who are colour blind to differentiate between the kits worn by both teams. The amendment also allows Clubs to further ‘mix and match’ elements of their registered kits in order to avoid kit clashes. The EFL will also play a more active role in helping Clubs identify where a potential ‘colour blind kit clash’ may occur to give them adequate notice so that all necessary arrangements can be made in advance.

Owners' and Directors' Test disqualifying condition - Hate Crime

The EFL has added an additional Disqualifying Condition in its Owners and Directors’ Test for those that have been convicted of a Hate Crime, which is defined as an offence that is considered to be aggravated in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and the Sentencing Act 2020.

Mandatory Articles

Clubs will now be required to include a Mandatory Article within their Articles of Association which states that the Directors of the Club may refuse to register the transfer of any share where:

  1. the EFL has not confirmed its consent to the acquisition of Control
  2. the EFL has not confirmed that that such Person is not liable to be disqualified
  • if registering the transfer of any share would cause the Club to breach any other equivalent rule or regulation of another body such as the Premier League or the Football Association