On World Mental Health Day, Derby County Community Trust are delighted to be releasing a new podcast series focussing on promoting a wider conversation around dad’s mental health.

This is an exciting project that forms part of the programmes they deliver around the subject.

The Community Trust currently have ‘Dad’s Space’ sessions, which provide a safe space to socialise and discuss experiences of fatherhood.

As well as having the opportunity to socialise, Connected Perinatal Support who the Community Trust are partnered with to deliver the sessions, are there to discuss the pregnancy and the help that they can provide throughout the process. Perinatal Support are also supporting the work behind the podcast.

‘’It aims to tackle the stigma looming around not only men talking about their mental health but also dad’s that feel they are suffering alone. We want to break down the walls standing around those that feel isolated and shine a new light on fathers that just want a space where they feel heard and recognised,’’ said Shelly McBride, Perinatal Support’s Manager and Programme Director.

The Dad’s Space Podcast involves in-depth discussions about the mental wellbeing for fathers or fathers-to-be. Voices heard includes Community Trust staff Lucas Carter and Luke Wilkinson as well as host Shaun Barker - a former Derby County player, captain and a familiar face with RamsTV. Barker is a dad himself and talks about his personal stories.

“We felt World Mental Health Day was the perfect opportunity to bring the work we do behind scenes, bring to the forefront, and showcase the excellent progress already achieved by dad’s space. It’s a unique opportunity to partner with the football club and record these podcasts. We really hope the listeners enjoy it, and it shows Dads, males, and others that the support network is out there", Luke Wilkinson, Health Team Leader at Derby County Community Trust, explained.

The first episode is now available. Click HERE to listen or watch in the video above.

If you want to be involved in the Dad’s Space sessions, you can visit the Community Trust’s webpage dedicated to the programme HERE.