The June edition of The Rampage is set for release this Thursday, June 10th and features a blog penned by Curtis Davies and much, much more.

The 11th edition of Derby County’s monthly magazine is the penultimate of the 2020/21 season and is packed full of exclusive interviews and club-centric content. With the Euro 2020 Championships fast approaching, we look at Rams past and present who will be in action in the tournament for their respective countries.

With the 2020/21 campaign behind us, The Rampage delves into how it unfolded for the first-team, as well as the Under-18s and Under-23s, while the second part of The Rise Under Arthur Cox. For more of what is to come this month, CLICK HERE.

Also, in a seven-page feature, Davies recounts his incredible early comeback from a long-term Achillies injury to help the Rams retain their Sky Bet Championship status on the final day of the season.

Here is an extract from his piece that you can read exclusively in The Rampage from Thursday.


The Wednesday went by and on Thursday the medical staff asked what I had done! It was decided that I was going to feature on the bench at least. The doctor Amit Pannu and John Hartley, the head physio, pulled me into the medical office and said they had to have a discussion with me. They asked what my mindset was and if I was being pressured into it. I said no immediately.

I laid it out to them by saying that I would take everything on my shoulders. I said that I had nothing to gain by doing this. As it stood, I didn’t have a contract for next season, so effectively if the club stayed up or went down, there was nothing that would affect me. But, I knew I could do it. My body felt good and I wouldn’t have been doing myself a justice if I didn’t offer myself to the team.

The medical staff understood but said that they couldn’t medically sign me off because I wasn’t ready. I was four-and-a-half months into a six-month injury so medically they couldn’t clear me, so I had to sign a waiver to play, which I was more than happy to do. I didn’t want anything to come back on Amit, John or Reiss Fitts because they have been brilliant with me all the way through my rehab.

I was glad the medical staff had the conversation with me because if they didn’t, I would have been more worried. I knew I was working with the right people because they questioned it. They questioned whether I was making the right choice rather than just leaving me to it, but the conversation allowed me to put my point across to them.

Ultimately, they couldn’t back me medically, but they believed I would have been able to sustain 10-15 minutes of either sitting in the middle of a back three or going upfront and causing a nuisance so the decision was made. On the Friday morning, the waiver was put together and I signed it instantly.

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